Texas A&M Students - Apply online!

If you are a Texas A&M University student and want to help college students with disabilities:

  • In the classroom
  • With campus life
  • Getting around town
  • Reach goals

Mentor qualifications:

  • Current Texas A&M University student
  • Person with teaching exposure/experience (you will tutor the student and classroom teaching opportunities might be available)
  • Have good communication skills
  • Like to work with college students
  • Can work with a diverse population
  • Can work 10-20 hours per week

Texas A&M Students - Apply online!



The Bridge to Career and PATHS Program utilize a lot of support from peer mentors.
PATHS Program mentors fill two main roles: Instructional Assistants and Advisors.


  • Part-time position 10-30 hours per week for the fall & spring semester
  • Flexible hours during the week and weekends
  • Support a group of 1-3 PATHS students
  • Attend weekly whole group and individual meetings with PATHS students
  • Attend weekly meeting with other advisors and supervisors
  • Model problem-solving and professional behavior
  • Support students in advisor group outside of class with:
    • Time management
    • Public transportation
    • Applications   
    • Volunteer or internship site
    • Field Based Experience course expectations
  • Meetings with community partners
  • Participate in PATHS student Wraparound and Compliance Meetings
  • Observe and support students at their volunteer or internship site
  • Entering data, compiling reports, entering grades, office work, etc.
  • Available to support students each day of prep week

Instructional Assistant

  • Part-time position 10-30 hours per week for the fall & spring semesters
  • Use levels of support to assist students in completing tasks and participating in class
  • Support Course Instructor
    • Grading
    • Taking attendance
    • Professional check
  • Communicate any incidents and concerns to Course Instructor
  • Model problem-solving and professional behavior
  • Active monitoring during classroom instruction
    •  Active Monitoring Is:
      • Focusing on the students, not anything else
      • Walking around the classroom to ensure students are following expectations and completing tasks
      • When needed, use levels of support to assist students
  • Update the data collection daily
  • Hold tutoring sessions with students as needed 


If you are not at Texas A&M University student contact Tracy Glass, PATHS Director at